Thursday, June 28, 2012


I've been a bad, bad blogger, and for that, I apologize. You know that little thing called life? Yeah, it got in the way. I am sorry leaving y'all hanging about the contest winner. That wasn't cool.

Okay. My first order of business after a month away? Announce the contest winner so we can all move on with our lives and stop living in suspense ;).

So, without further ado, after careful deliberation and some help from the Super Pup herself, Ember, our winner is..... the lovely Claire!

Here's her caption:

"You know, right now I'm about as intelligent as your average 2 year old but just give me a few months....I'll do your finances for you."

I think that suits Ember, don't you?

Congratulations, Claire! Contact me via Facebook or email me at ElementBCs (at) to claim your prize!

All righty... now that all of THAT has been taken care of, here is a list of a few things we have been up to in the past month:

1. This:

2. A bit of this:

3. Some of this:

4. Documenting this (with The SprinklerBandit):

5. And a lot of this!

Stay tuned for more of our (regularly updated) adventures!
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