Saturday, February 9, 2013

Review (AND GIVEAWAY!): Taste of the Wild Southwest Canyon Dog Food

Last week, I received an email from one of my favorite dog food brands, Taste of the Wild, asking if I would be willing to review their newest dog food, Taste of the Wild Southwest Canyon. The Southwest Canyon formula uses red meat (beef, lamb, wild boar) as its main protein source.  It also uses chickpeas and peas instead of potatoes as the main sources of starch/carbohydrates, creating a food lower on the glycemic index. This helps to stabilize blood glucose levels in dogs. From  the ToTW website:

Southwest Canyon was made specifically for those dogs that thrive on a red meat diet. This new Taste of the Wild formula was developed to provide a food that featured a unique protein source, wild boar. This red meat alternative was chosen to help satisfy your dog’s instinctual cravings.

Because I love and have fed ToTW (and, okay, I'm a sucker for free stuff LOL),  I wrote back immediately expressing my interest in doing the review. Within a few days, the samples arrived.... just in time for dinner!

Of course, Ember had to come check out the new stuff when I was taking pictures outside. She assumes that everything that comes in the mail is for her.... and really, most of the time she's right ;)

The dogs went absolutely nuts when I opened the sample bags, jumping up and sniffing.  The kibble is lighter in color, and has a pleasant (well, for dog food) smell. 

All three dogs absolutely loved the food and inhaled it even quicker than usual!  Cedar, my pickiest eater, liked it, too. And, a few days later, I can tell you that the food was good to their systems as well...if you catch my drift ;)

I would definitely recommend giving ToTW Southwest Canyon a try if you're on the market for a new, high quality kibble to feed your dog. Thank you so much, Tara, for the opportunity to do this review!

If you aren't sure where to find Taste of the Wild close to you, visit their dealer locator here.


And now.... the reason y'all are probably here in the first place, the giveaway!

In exchange for my review of Southwest Canyon, Taste of the Wild has offered to sponsor a prize pack for my readers. That's you!  Well, one of you anyways ;)

This prize pack includes samples of Southwest Canyon, a $25 gift card to for your dog, and a $25 gift card to Omaha Steaks for you  (a little red meat for everyone!).

To enter, all you have to do is:

1) If you haven't already, "like" Cedes of Change on Facebook.
2) Leave a comment on this post!  
3) If you "share" the link to this post on Facebook, you'll receive an additional entry.

Winner will be chosen by random draw on February 23rd (two weeks from now!)


  1. My dogs would love this food. I like you on facebook.

    hewella1 at gmail dot com

  2. Great review and thanks for the info! My guys love TOTW, but have yet to try the new flavor!

  3. Nice job Ellie. Do they make a food with less of a pea presence? Teyla's allergic to peas and grains.

  4. Yum Yum, we love peas. We love everything!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  5. I love TotW. My dogs do really well on it, so I'm hoping for this!

  6. Southwest Canyon Canine Formula a 5 star food like High Prairie formula?

  7. Southwest Canyon Canine Formula a 5 star food like High Prairie formula?

  8. I am not sure if it has been around long enough to be rated, but it contains the same quality of ingredients.

  9. We feed TOTW Lamb and the pups love it - bet they would like this new kind too!

  10. Admittedly, I'm just here to try and win free steak. But, Joe has been telling me to check out your blog for a while now, so maybe while I'm here I will do just that :)

  11. Wow the picture of the dog is fully matched with my dog.For me it's the most hard work to choose the food that it likes.I was trying one after another food for my dog but I couldn't satisfy it with anyone of those foods.Finally tried it and I was sure it must work for my dog and it really works.Thanks a lot for this share,Just ever grateful to you.I think any dog lover can also be benefited by take a look onwaggybaggy .Thanks a lot.


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