Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wintertime Blues

Womp wommmmmpppp. It's still winter.




Needless to say, winter has never really been my favorite season. I don't particularly enjoy winter sports... my one experience with snowboarding was a hilariously epic fail.

Here in the Tri Cities, this winter has been pretty mild in comparison to much of the country.  We've only had a few days of snow, and even then, it hasn't been too bad. I don't know about y'all, but what really gets me during the winter is the darkness. Up here, at its darkest, it wasn't light out til after eight, and then got dark again around four. Thankfully, there's a bit more daylight these days, and along with the extra hour or so of sun, my motivation for dog training and exercise has grown.

Please, Mama... train us!
Ember and I are currently enrolled in a Novice Rally class, and that has been a lot of fun. She is great, of course. Still very much a puppy, but great. I am hoping to have her ready to compete in the spring or summer.

I've been teaching classes for the local dog club up here for almost a year. The current session is five weeks in. I am teaching a CGC class and an agility class, and also assisting a friend with her STAR puppy class. So far, classes are going pretty well. I am enjoying teaching agility the most, obviously. This is the second time I've ever taught an agility class, and the first time teaching this particular class (Beginning Directional Handling). It's been really interesting transitioning from being an agility student to teacher. The hardest thing has been dealing with my insecurities. Part of me still can't believe that I have anything of value to say! Ah well, it'll come :)

In other news, we have a couple of really awesome reviews and giveaways coming up on the blog!!!!!  Trust me, y'all will definitely want to put in for these!  More details coming soon :)

I leave you with the song that's been stuck in my head since the Super Bowl:

Oh yeah, and Go Ravens! In my defense, I'm normally a Patriots fan. I just had a good feeling about the Ravens this year.

And that's my daily dose of random!

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  1. You even have a Ravens shirt? Wow. I was pulling for the Pats too, but I guess other teams get turns too.


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