Friday, January 11, 2013

Ermagherd Snerw! A photo series.

Wut iz this white stuffs fallin from the sky? Must investigate dis. Tastes funny. 

It feelz funny on my face. 

I don't trust it. Seemz kinda shifty.

I might need more time to investigate this snerw stuffs.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Footwear for Agility

Let's talk about feet. 

As someone with extremely sensitive, injury-prone feet and ankles, I have to think a lot about my footwear a lot. Whether for walking, running/exercise, or agility, I have to choose my shoes carefully. I have extremely weak ankles, so for my running and agility shoes, I need something that will support them without decreasing my range of motion.

When I began my agility journey, I didn't put much thought into footwear (or sports bras, but that's a whole 'nother blog post, LOL). But I found out pretty quickly that my crappy sneakers just wouldn't cut it on wet grass. The spring after I started competing, I invested in a pair of Merrells... snagged on sale at REI for over $50 off.  I love them so much, but after almost two years (I know you aren't supposed to wear sneakers for that long, but I just love them so!), they are falling apart.

I have been thinking about what shoes to get next for agility, but there are so many options that I don't know where to start, LOL.
The obvious choice would be another pair of Merrells, but I'm not necessarily stuck on that brand. 

I know Vibrams are trendy, but I worry they wouldn't be supportive enough for my feet and that a shoe like that would make it easier to re-injure my ankle. Those of you that wear them, do you find your feet hurt more (or less?) at the end of the day? Can you wear an ankle brace with them? 

My current Merrells. Lovely, but on their last leg. 

For running (not dog related), these are my favorites:  

I LOVE these shoes. It's like wearing little clouds on my feet. My feet don't get tired, and they support my arches and ankles without going up too high on the backs of my heels. I ran a 5k in them without any problems back in November. I pretty much only wear them for running, because they were expensive and I don't want to wear them out! 

I'm not sure if I want to invest the money in another pair of these for agility. I trial primarily on dirt, and the thought of getting a $100+ pair of shoes covered in arena sand makes me upset. LOL. 

I guess I should go to REI and try on some shoes. I am looking for something low profile, with lots of tread and built for narrower feet. I also have big, oddly sized feet (I'm either, or in between a 10 and an 11, depending on the shoe). 

Any suggestions? What brands, or models (is that the right word?) have worked best for you when it comes to shoes for agility? I would love to hear your input. 

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