The Dogs

In case you were curious about my mongrels....

BonniDune Norwegian Wood  RN STDs OA OAJ OF EAC EJC HP-O NCC TG-N TN-N

 Cedar is a five year-old female Border Collie, and my absolute heart dog. She knows over 100 tricks and commands, and is my current competition dog. She has earned titles in herding, rally and far! We are currently competing in agility and rally, with plans to pursue tracking, obedience, and possibly nosework, tracking and canine freestyle. She is a lot of fun to train and work with, and is my best friend. 

Versa Foxfire  

Ember is the baby of the pack. She is a one year old ABCA registered Border Collie from great herding and agility lines. She and I are having a blast training and spending time together. She has a wonderful personality and is incredibly smart and biddable. I am so excited to see what her future holds :)

Wyld River's Fight The Future CGC

 Scully was a present from my boyfriend, now hubby, early on in our relationship. She is a very smart dog who loves to lay on soft blankets and eat as much as possible at all times. It's all about comfort for Scully. When she feels like it, she is a great obedience dog. I put 2/3 of a CD title on her and she definitely knows her stuff... but she has seizures and is incredibly moody, so I'm not sure how much competition is in her future. She is primarily my hubby's dog, and they recently earned their CGC certificate together, the first "title" he has ever put on a dog. They really enjoy training together.
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